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ilexa ([personal profile] ilexa) wrote2009-07-10 09:32 pm
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Well that was spectacularly unfun!

No, this has nothing to do with Torchwood.

Suckage. Driving home from work tonight, not more than several miles from work, my car starts shaking. Oh fuck. I manage to get to the side of the closest exit ramp. Yup. Back passenger side tire is totally blown out.


Behold the power of the Internets. I got lament my lot in life on Facebook, and in a few minutes my good friend Brandon had offered to brave the 104-degree heat to change my tire. I heart him, firecely. I was all donut-tired up and on my way home within 20 minutes of pulling over. Of course, my slow drive home elongated my commute from 17 minutes to like 45.

But now, I are home, pizza is on its way, and I'm avoiding watching TW CoE: Day 5.

Hey guys! How are YOU?