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ilexa ([personal profile] ilexa) wrote2009-07-09 09:32 pm
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Torchwood CoE: Day Four

Oh, my sweet Christ, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm holding out for some kind of deux ex machina tomorrow.

Yes, I am sobbing like someone just broke my heart. Over about 10 minutes of a TV show. And I only slightly care. And that's only because I'm working from home and still have to FINISH WORKING.

Okay, fine. I'll give RTD/TPTB/Whomever credit for giving me exactly what I've always wanted from this show: tension; cool plot; an awesome, don't-fuck-with-my-extended-family Gwen; Jack and Ianto actually have a relationship.

And you seriously fucking just killed off the main reason I watch this show?

Are they not coming back for Series 4? Are they planning for that? Because this all feels like a kiss off: Gwen's pregnant, the Hub is gone, now Ianto is dead. I mean, there's always little Archie up in Glasgow, but Torchwood is essentially gone.

And we're back to: I am essentially sobbing.

(But honestly -- minus the whole STAYING DEAD thing, this is like the most awesome fanfic epic EVER.)

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